Barbour Wellington Boots

Fine Quality Traditional Wellington Boots by Barbour

Barbour is one of the most famous brands in the world, and had been around for over 200 years. Barbour of course is most famous for its jackets, but as many lovers of Barbour will know, they also make plenty of other high quality country clothing and footwear, including their range of wonderful Wellington boots. Below we have picked out some of the best Barbour wellies available to buy online in UK.

Our Choice - Barbour Wellington Boots

About Barbour Wellington Boots

As you would expect from a company formed way back in 1894 and an iconic brand such as Barbour, these Wellington boots come in classic styles and colours. There are no heels or lace-up fronts here, nor will you find trendy patterns. Barbour wellies reflect their jackets and clothing range - good quality, practical and elegantly simple. The colours include olive green, black and deep blue, with one or two brighter colours also, as well as a pair of wellies in tartan.

Town and Country by Barbour

There's a bit of confusion over brand and model names when it comes to Barbour and Town and Country. Barbour is the brand name, made famous by making their well known wax jackets. Barbour also make Wellington boots, and produce a model they have called "Town and Country" which sums up perfectly what these boots are all about - perfect for wearing in either place. However, there is also a brand of Wellington boots called Town and Country, which often causes confusion. But there's no need: above on this page are the Barbour wellies. To see the range offer by Town and Country, click here.

Our Pick of Barbour Wellington Boots

We love the simple, classic style, colours and design of the Barbour Wellington boot range, so what better pair to pick out than the straightforward, no messing black Town and Country wellies. All Barbour Wellington boots feature the instantly recognisable Barbour logo on the front. The dimensions and design are very reminiscent of the Hunter wellies. These Barbour welly boots are made from a pure latex outer, for extra protection from the mud and rain.

Barbour Wellington Boots

If you like Barbour Wellington Boots...

If you like the look of these Barbour wellies, then also be sure to check out our Hunter wellies page. As mentioned above, Barbour wellies are classically styled, and look like traditional Wellington boots should. They are, in fact, very similar in style and dimension to some of the Hunter wellies here.