Wellington Boots - Choosing the Right Size

Choosing the right Wellington Boots couldn't be easier. There are only a few things to consider:

Room for Woolly Socks

If you want to wear your Wellington Boots in winter, you might want to consider taking them a size bigger than your usual size. This way you can always get an extra pair of socks in. Itís so important for your welfare to have warm feet. There are even special Wellington Boots Socks. Or for extra warmth why not consider Wellington Boots Fleece Socks. To be warm up to your knees, you might want to try these Wellington Boots knee high socks.

Room for Tucked in Trousers

You should also bear in mind whether you want to tuck in your trousers or not. Make sure there is enough calf space to fit it all in since there is nothing worse than tight Wellington Boots. There is good news for women with bigger calves who have so far struggled to find Wellington Boots that fit their jeans in as well and look nice at the same time. Look for wellies with a buckle at the side, or even a pair of lace-up wellies here. The best thing is that they are very stylish as well, so not practical and boring, but practical and funky. Now thatís what we want.

There is no need to worry about all the different options. The sizes of the different brands donít differ too much, so you can be confident that your Wellington Boots will fit you. So go on, buy yourself a pair of Wellies now. You know you want to.

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