Dunlop Wellies

Tough Wellington Boots by Dunlop

Dunlop wellies are a tough, non nonsense sort of boot. As you can see from the selection below, Dunlop wellies come in fairly standard colours, including green, black and dark blue. These wellies are made for work, not for fashion. We have picked out a few of the Dunlop welly boot range below, so that you can see exactly what these boots are all about.

Our Choice - Dunlop Wellies

About Dunlop Wellington Boots

Dunlop offer several different models in their Wellington boot range, starting with the basic and affordable Pricemastor wellies, then moving to the Acifort, Protomastor and Purofort ranges. Many of the basic boots have a simple but effective PVC upper, and an oil resistant sole. There are also "safety" versions of many of the different models, which offer a thicker sole resistant to various chemicals and hazards including acids and detergents, and depending on the model, also a reinforced or steel toe. Some of the Dunlop wellies also include anti-slip grips and energy absorbing soles. As you probably know already, Dunlop wellies aren't made for fashion. They are made for work, which is why some of them have safety features. These boots are tough, and built to be put through their paces.

If you like Dunlop Wellington Boots...

If you like the practical side of Dunlop wellies, but would like something a little more stylish as well, then also consider the Muck boots here. Of course, it depends on what you need your wellies for and where you will be wearing them, but Muck boots are also built for working, although perhaps not industrial work like the Dunlop boots! Muck boots offer a little more style, and also aim to offer comfort to the wearer.