Hunter Wellington Boots

Classic Wellington Boots by Hunter

Hunter Wellingtons are probably the most classic welly around. Hunter wellies are super durable and with their simple and unique design are easily spotted. Kate Moss loves hers especially at festivals and we all know we are on to a fashion winner if Kate approves. Hunter have developed plenty of new styles and designs (see the great choice below), but if you're still after the classic green Hunter welly, don't worry, you can still find them, and at great prices too!

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Our Choice - Hunter Wellington Boots

About Hunter Wellington Boots

Everybody has heard of Hunter Wellington Boots. They are almost a staple in every British household. But did you know that they were originally invented for hiking in the harsh Scottish landscape and dealing with the unpredictable (meaning rainy and stormy) Scottish weather? Yes, thatís their origin and that should give us enough confidence to trust their ability to combat any weather and to do well on any surface. If you think that Hunter Wellingtons only come in green and black, then you should think again. We have found you a wide choice of Hunter Wellies in all different styles and colours. Did you know they came in purple gloss, silver or with sweet pea butterflies on? Thought not. So check out our choice above for the best Hunter Wellington Boots available in the UK.