Kids Snow Boots

See our top choice of snow boots for children

Kids love nothing more than trudging about in the snow. And let's face it, they've had lots of opportunity thanks to recent winters. Although Wellington boots might be perfect for the wet and rain, snow boots are great for when it is especially cold. Check out our great choice of snow boots for kids below, which includes some wonderful boots from the famous Moon Boot company. These really stand out and come in great colours that will appeal to all kids.

Our Choice - Kids Snow Boots

About Snowboots

Because snowboots are designed for people who will be standing in deep snow or enduring cold wet weather, these boots will extend well above the ankle to keep out snow, wind and water. These tops or 'uppers' will usually be made of either nylon or leather with taped or sealed seams. You should be able to tuck the hems of your trousers into these boots with no trouble.

To prevent snow, mud or water from sliding further down into your boot, snow boots may have a drawstring closure at the top, a fleece cuff, or both. The drawstring should have some type of fastening clip to hold the top of the boot closed, though some snow boots may simply have a lace to knot.

In addition, it's best to wear the right pair of socks with snow boots. If you wear the cotton socks, moisture from your feet will become trapped within the rubber shell of the snow boot and make your feet feel cold. Always wear wool socks with your snow boots. A thin sock liner under your wool sock to wick away even more moisture will make your feet even more comfortable.