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Cool and functional lace-up Wellington boots

There have been so many cool new designs and styles of wellies recently. There are the wonderfully girly Babycham wellies, or the Doc Marten boot style wellies, and even some fabulous fur lined wellies from UGG boots. But we've also noticed some welly makers are introducing lace-up style boots, in particular Hunter wellies - Thank heavens for Hunter! Not only do they look great, there's a major benefit to having welly boots with laces. With those laces at the front, you can make plenty of room for tucking in your jeans, no problem. So no more squeezing your poor legs into tight wellies. These lace-up wellies can be the perfect "wide top" welly boots.

Our Pick of Lace Up Wellies

About Our Lace Up Welly Boot Choice

Did you hear too? Yep, Gwyneth wears a pair of lace up wellies. If they're good enough for our Gwynny, then who can say no! And you know if the wonderful Hunter Wellington Boot co are making lace ups, then we are onto something. Plus they are so "easy squeezy" - easy to tuck your jeans or trouser inside, since the cases allow you to control the width of the wellies. Anyone who has tried to squeeze their jeans or trousers into the top of a pair of Wellington boots will know that a pair of boots that you can open up then lace up tight again will be massive help! See above for the best prices on the lovely bright yellow Hunter Lace-Up wellies, which are also available in red and black too.

Lace up wellies and wellington boots

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Below is our choice for today's top deals and funky styles for wellies. We check many of the major welly retailers constantly, to make sure we can bring you the best prices and styles available.