Ladies Snow Boots

Keep warm this winter - see our choice of Snow Boots for women

The last few winters have been very cold indeed in the UK, with enough of snow and ice around to make us want to stay inside. But with a wonderful pair of snow boots, you can stay warm and dry when you are out and about this winter. Check out our choice of these lovely snow boots - they really look the part too, whether you wear them in UK winter or when you are off to the Alps.

Our Choice - Ladies Snow Boots

About Our Ladies Snow Boots Choice

We have tried to pick out a wide range of snow boots that will hopefully appeal to women. Our choice includes some of the best known brands in snow boots, including the wonderful Moon Boot, in amazing spaceage style colours, including silver and red! There are also some amazing boots from North Face, Sorel, Olang and even Flipflop! I bet you never thought you'd see snow boots made by a company called Flipflop.

Snow Boots or Winter Boots?

When choosing a great pair of boots for the colder months, it can be a bit confusing about which to buy. Manufacturers probably don't help by trying to claim that there shoes offer a whole range of features and advantages. But just so you know, there is a difference between general winter boots and snow boots. Winter boots, though they may keep your feet warm in cold weather, are not intended for tromping through snowdrifts, or wearing on ski slopes in the Alps. Some winter boots may be fashionable and stylish, but those factors, although important, are secondary with snow boots, though it is possible that snow boots can still look fashionable and we would only choose the best looking ones to include on our site.

Why Snow Boots?

The purpose of snow boots is to keep your feet dry, warm and comfortable in deep snow and wet conditions. The two features found in snow boots that distinguishes them most from winter boots are usually tight closures or fasteners (often snow boots are without any fasteners, especially laces) and built-in insulation. A boot with loose laces and a tongue simply cannot be sealed tight enough to be a good snow boot -- most winter boots feature laces that cannot be fastened tight, only knotted, and have loose tongues that do not seal well. A snow boot might have laces and a tongue, but the difference will be that both these features on a snow boot will form snug closures.

Snow Boot Features

Take a look at the manufacturer's tag on a pair of snow boots. The wording there will be quite clear on the comfortable temperature ranges for use of the boots. The tags on winter boots will rarely quote temperature ranges. Snow boots will also be heavier than winter boots.

Sorel and Baffin are two well-known manufacturers of snow boots for men, women and children. Sorel snow boots are best known for having removable liners, making them easy to air out and clean. Boots by Baffin, though usually more expensive, are made for the very lowest temperatures and are often used on polar expeditions. Check out these brands, and all the other above, and we're sure you'll find you'll have toasty warm, dry feet all winter!