Men's Snow Boots

Find the perfect snow boots for men

Chunky and warm, snow boots are back. Whtehr you intend wearing them on a snowboarding trip or just when the harsh winter hits Britain again, snow boots are perfect for keeping you warm and dry. Check out our choice of snow boots for men below, including boots by the famous Moon Boot company.

Our Choice - Men's Snow Boots

Choosing the Right Snow Boots

The soles of a snow boot should be made from a material that is one hundred per cent waterproof, such as rubber. This material should rise up along all sides of the boot to merge with the uppers. The seam connecting the sole to the upper should be sealed and high on the boot, not low to the ground and sewn. The bottoms of the boot should have some type of traction pattern. Because snow boots are intended for wet conditions, you should be able to run water from a hose over the boots while wearing them and not feel a trace of wetness inside.

Snow boots are meant for people who spend lots of time outdoors during the winter, such as farmers and people who work on construction projects in the mud, sleet and snow, who will find snow boots ideal. Even city dwellers will find snow boots useful, especially after that extra-heavy snowfall we've been used to in UK recently. Snow boots are esepcially great for skiers and anyone spending time on ski slopes and in Alpine ski towns.

Look for snow boots with Thinsulate linings. If the boot has a tongue, it should be firmly fastened to the body of the boot and not loose. If the boots have any laces, the ends should be fitted with a cord-lock mechanism.