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Muck Boots are nothing short of a revolution in the welly boot world. These boots are made for work and comfort, using a blend of the very latest, high tech materials, along with natural rubber. Muck Boots are completely waterproof, and will keep your feet warm and dry. The material is also quite flexible, so is very comfortable to wear, even for long periods. Muck Boots are great for anyone with wider calves, since the outer boot can stretch and accommodate wider calves or tucked in trousers. Plus, since they are very warm inside, so won't have to wear a thick pair of socks! Below we've picked out some of the best deals available to buy Muck Boots online in UK.

Our Choice - Muck Boots

About Muck Boots

Muck Boots are wonderful for keeping your feet completely dry and warm. This makes them the perfect working boot, as the name suggests, but they also look extremely good too.

The secret of their success is in the unique foam used in the construction. It is referred to as the Muck Boot CR-foam, and it's this that helps keep the boot warm inside. It is also because of this that the boots feel very light to wear, and therefore are extremely comfortable. Muck Boots are also very comfortable because they are stretchy, and therefore can accommodate wider calves, or tucked in trousers. Since the foam construction keeps the boots warm, there's no real need to wear thick socks either, unless you plan to be outside in very cold conditions. In fact, Muck Boots have a special lining to make sure your feet don't get sweaty inside. This is a kind or breathable mesh, which let the air circulate better.

But since these are working boots too, there is extra protection in the toe and heel. The outer boot is made of natural rubber, which will stay flexible, but is also treated to make it high abrasion, to prevent any wear and tear. This natural yet high tech combination protects the foam inner and keeps it dry. You can put a pair of Muck Boots through their paces, and make them wet and muddy, without fear. And after a simple clean with water (and perhaps soap), they come up good as new. You could also use a bit of wax polish on the rubber outer. And should the rubber ever get damaged, it is possible to repair it yourself, with something like a rubber sealant (be sure to check the instructions).

Derwent Muck Boot from Muck Boots

The Derwent is a great example of what Muck Boots are all about. This is a great looking welly, but is hugely practical and tough, as well as very comfortable. It has a reinforced toe and instep, plus protection around the heel, which also has special shock absorbers! Like all Muck boots, they are completely waterproof, stretchy, light and will keep you feet nice and warm but without making them sweaty, thanks to the moisture control lining.

Muck Boots

If you like Muck Boots Wellington Boots...

As you can probably see from above, Muck Boots are actually a cut above most wellies with regards to comfort and practicality. A Muck Boot is probably the true modern welly boot. For something with similar functionality, another wonderful welly boot for work and play is Le Chameau. This brand, in fact, is often considered to be one of the finest Wellington boots in the world. See more of Le Chameau boots here.