Quilted Wellies

Wellington Boots in Beautiful Quilted Finish

Quilted wellies have become hugely popular recently. We're not sure which designer brand first introduced them - Hunter, Office, Carvella - but whoever it was, we're glad they did, because these lovely quilted Wellington boots look and feel fantastic! We have picked out the very best in quilted welly boots below, so you can see for yourself.

Our Choice - Quilted Wellies

About Quilted Wellington Boots

The quilted welly boot is quite a new introduction in the world of wellies, but we're happy that it's here, and are now left wondering why did they leave it so long! The quilted look is where we can really see how far the traditional Wellington boot has come recently. These boots, are of course, everything you need from a welly, especially the fact that they will keep the water, rain and mud off. But take a look at our selection above and you will have to check whether you really are looking at a range of wellies. These boots are so stylish, they look very much like fashion boots rather than practical, water-proof welly boots. Many of the range come in a wonderful, shiny, almost patent leather finish. There are some fantastic colours to choose from too, including the magnificent bright red and deep chocolate brown versions from hunter (who else!). Take a look at the wide range of Quilted Wellington Boots we have found for you above...

Our Pick of Quilted Wellington Boots

Well, they may be a bit pricier than other quilted wellies, but we just couldn't say no to these beautiful chocolate brown Hunter Regent Savoy wellies, complete with shiny, quilted finish. The quilted upper has such a luxurious look and feel, and the whole shape and design owes a lot to equestrian style boots in particular. The shape offers a comfortable fit, as does the sponge quilting, which in fact gives the boots extra warmth and cosiness inside. The Hunter Regent Savoy is also available in red and black.

Quilted wellies

If you like the quilted wellies above...

If you like our choice of quilted Wellington boots above, but would like to check out a few other, similar styles, then be sure to see our section on Hunter Wellington boots here. Hunter not only make quilted welly boots, but offer a huge choice of boots in all different styles, including short and classic, plus a huge choice of colours too. It's no wonder word has spread so far and wide about their amazing welly boots. And don't forget to check out our special voucher codes and discount codes on the right, to make sure you get the best deals available on all types of welly boots.