Short Wellies

Short and Ankle Wellington Boots

There has been an explosion of different Wellington boot styles in recent years, and welly boot designers have introduced all sorts of new designs, from lace-up wellies to wellies with a wedge heel. These short or ankle wellies below are also part of the newer welly boot trends, and are hugely popular. The short length means they are very comfortable, and especially easy to put on. But that doesn't mean you have to compromise looks and style - all of the ankle welly boots below are made and designed exactly like their full length counterparts, and come in a range of lovely colours and patterns, from many of the top Wellington boot brands, including Hunter and Evercreatures. We have picked out the best ankle welly boots and short wellies we could find available to buy online in UK, from some of the most trusted footwear and fashion retailers.

Our Choice - Short Wellies

About Short Wellies

Short wellies, also sometimes known as ankle wellies, make life a lot easier when it comes to putting on your welly boots. Rather than pulling on wellies that squeeze around the calf, short wellies can simply slip on easily and quickly. For many, especially those with wider calves, wearing short welly boots allows for greater flexibility and ease of movement. Short wellies are very handy for storing easily too, so you can easily keep them in a cupboard somewhere handy, since they won't take up so much space a full length wellies. So you could keep them at the office or in the car, jus in case the rain starts to come down heavily. Short wellies are often aimed at the urban welly wearer - they are perfect for someone who wants to keep dry and look good, but who may not have to go rambling knee deep through muddy fields.

Our Pick of Short Welly Boots

If you think that a pair of short welly boots or ankle welly boots is the right thing for you, then luckily you still have plenty of choice when it comes to colours and styles. Just because you want the comfort of a short welly won't mean you have to compromise on looks. Hunter offer some beautiful short wellies that are every bit as stylish as the full length versions, as you can see from the lovely violet Hunter wellies below.

Short Wellies by Hunter