Wedge Wellies

Wonderful Wellington Boots with a Wedge Heel

Here's a welly with a twist: a typical waterproof Wellington boot, but with a trendy wedge heel. So if you want to look and feel a bit more stylish in your wellies, as well as feel a bit more comfortable, then the wedge heel boots are for you. Plus they come in a range of lovely colours and patterns. Wedge wellies are available from a few Wellington boot brands these days. Many of the boots are, of course, offered by the Wedge Welly brand, but you can also find wedge heels on the boots of Hunter wellies and other Wellington boots brands. We have hand picked our top selection of wedge wellies below, so you can see exactly what they are all about, and see what different colours and styles are available, as well as find the best prices and deals.

Our Choice - Wedge Wellies

About Wedge Wellies

You might have seen the BBC TV programme, Dragon's Den, where the Wedge Welly company introduced its range of super funky welly boots with wedge heels. Since then the company has gone from strength to strength, and the Wedge Welly range includes dozens of funky colours, patterns and styles.

The idea of a pair of Wellington boots with wedge heels was inspired by the idea that many women may feel their wellies to be, well, a little flat and unstylish. Sure, many wellies might simply need to be functional, but for women festival goes, for example, why not have wellies that are functional (waterproof) but also super stylish, with wedge heels. Well, the idea certainly caught on, and the Wedge Welly company offer their boots from a range of outlets, and other Wellington boot brands also offer boots with wedge heels, such as the famous Hunter wellies. We've included above our top choice of all the lovely wedge wellies we could find from UK online retailers. But wedge wellies are about more than just style. According the to people at Wedge Welly, the heel makes them more comfortable too, which means you'll no longer suffer from aching feet after walking the dog or doing the gardening!

Our Pick of Wedge Wellies

The first and original wellies with wedge heels came from the Wedge Welly company. They offer a few different styles to choose from, but we thought, what the heck, let's go for the most girlie looking pair we can find. So we picked out these hot pick wedge wellies. They have a heel that measures 7.5cm, and also a useful buckle fastener, that allows you to loosen or tighten the boot around the calf, allowing for extra room for tucking in jeans, for example.

wedge wellies

If you like Wedge Wellies...

If you like the idea of wellies that look elegant and stand out, but aren't sure wedge wellies are exactly what you are looking for, then there are plenty of other elegant and stylish wellies that should suit your needs. For example, check out the lovely range of Joules wellies here, for some simple yet stylish designs that are a far step from the standard, old fashioned green wellies. Or for something with a touch of designer class, see the beautiful Paul Smith Wellington boots here.