Welly Wanging

Throwing your wellies

Welly Wanging or Welly throwing is just what it says on the packet. Competitors are throw their Wellington Boots as far as possible (within certain boundaries).

There is even such a thing as a championship. And who doesn’t dream of calling themselves the World’s Best Welly Wanger! Well, OK maybe not, but it is good fun. The championship is held in Finland, but the sport was invented by the Brits, rumour has it most likely by farmers in Yorkshire – well, maybe it does get a bit boring on a Yorkshire farm.

This bootiful freestyle sport is also very popular in New Zealand, where it is called Gum Boot Throwing and the New Zealand town of Taihape modestly calls itself the Boot-Throwing capital of the world.

No matter what you call it or where you practice it, Welly Wanging is great fun. You should try it. Check out the great offers on Wellington Boots, get yourself a nice new pair of wellies, and use the old ones for welly wanging and enter a competition near you!

Apparently you are never too young to start Welly Wanging. Check out these youngsters at their nursery Welly Wanging Competition:

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